Watch the full recording of the online workshop How To Take A Digital Note, by personal productivity and digital note-taking expert Tiago Forte.

In this workshop I share the best practices I’ve discovered for using digital notes to save your ideas, organize your learning, and share your best work with the world, including what to save, how to save it, and why you should save it.

We cover:

  • The fundamental difference between paper and digital notes
  • How to automate your note-taking to save the best of what you read with nearly zero effort
  •  The 14 types of digital notes you can use to accelerate your productivity and learning
  • The basic toolkit of apps you need to be able to save any kind of content, from any source, forever
  • 3 simple strategies you can start using today to leverage your existing knowledge
  • How to add digital note-taking into your daily workflow without feeling like it’s yet another thing to do
  • BONUS (for live attendees only): A treasure trove of 100 examples of valuable notes from Tiago’s personal collection

Resources shared on the call

Chat transcript


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