Tiago Forte at Nonprofit productivity summit

Nonprofit Productivity: Leveraging Software to Shape Your Career

Mike St. Pierre invited me to speak at his 2022 Nonprofit Productivity Summit. In less than 25 minutes, we covered… Why I’m not a fan of digital minimalism The simple mindset shift to step out of the information overload crisis How taking notes can have a miraculous impact on you and your career The under-appreciated benefits…

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Pinkcast Interview

How to Capture Ideas Like a Pro | The Pinkcast

I joined best-selling author Daniel Pink on The Pinkcast to discuss how to take notes and capture like a pro. In 193 seconds, we also discussed: Why we should offload information? The 30-day experiment to make you a pro at notetaking How to retrieve your notes quickly and efficiently Watch our quick chat here:

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Building a Second Brain with Ali Abdaal

How to Organize Your Life | Ali Abdaal

Popular productivity YouTuber and Ali Abdaal summarized Building a Second Brain in this 15-minute video. This is an incredible distillation and expression of the book’s core principles. Ali discussed: What is a Second Brain and why should you have one The CODE method: my 4-step process for knowledge management and creative work How having a Second Brain…

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KATU TV portland

The Purpose of Building a Second Brain | Katu TV Portland

I joined Helen Raptis for my first TV morning news appearance on KATU TV Portland to discuss all things Second Brain. You know Second Brains are ready to go mainstream when they appear right after “local hummingbird lays eggs” and the latest Bachelor drama. We discussed: How to make sense of digital information What should…

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Building a Second Brain 13: The Founders

We are officially launching cohort 13 of Building a Second Brain (BASB), our flagship online course on how to save your best ideas, organize your knowledge, and use it to lead a fulfilling life with more ease and less stress. We’ve spent the last 5 months making a new round of radical improvements to every…

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Dan Charnas on Working Clean: An Interview on the Power of Mise en Place

I recently hosted Dan Charnas, author of the book Work Clean: The Life-Changing Power of Mise-en-Place to Organize Your Life, Work, and Mind (affiliate link), for an in-depth conversation about the most interesting, impactful principles from his work. Dan takes us on a fascinating journey through his career in the music business, as one of the first…

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Building a Second Brain in Miro

I recently hired designer and writer Michael Dean to summarize my Building a Second Brain course in visual form. Michael is the writing coach and lead facilitator for The Writer’s Studio, a new cohort-based writing workshop he recently launched in partnership with David Perell. I asked Michael to take the course as a participant, and to document the main lessons…

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Teachable Workshop: How to Take Digital Notes with Tiago Forte

I recently taught this workshop on How to Take Digital Notes, hosted by Teachable, the online learning platform I use for my courses. This is an introductory workshop for people just getting into this crazy world of Second Brains, personal knowledge management, and digital notetaking. I presented some of the core concepts you’ll need to know…

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My Interview with Nathan Barry on The Art of Newsletters

I recently sat down with Nathan Barry, Founder of the email marketing platform ConvertKit, for a super in-depth discussion about my philosophy and strategy for building an audience via a weekly email newsletter. You can watch the 80-minute interview on YouTube or listen to it as a podcast. I switched from Mailchimp to ConvertKit in August of 2019,…

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Windows of Opportunity: A Fleeting Chance at the Impossible

In the summer of 1964, a young engineer at NASA named Gary Flandro was assigned a seemingly mundane task: to study ways of exploring the outer gas giants of our solar system. These planets didn’t get as much attention as our near neighbors, and remained largely unknown. As he researched the possibilities, Flandro made a…

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