Ranking productivity apps

Ranking Our Biggest Productivity App Predictions | Keep Productive

I sat down with productivity YouTuber Francesco D’Alessio of Keep Productive in London to rank our biggest productivity app predictions and share how we currently perceive the software space. Here’s a sneak peek of what we discussed: Is Mem the new Evernote? Will Notion lose in the next 3 years? Is Evernote going to make a comeback?…

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What do you call your Second Brain?

A system of personal knowledge management, which I call a “Second Brain,” is an indispensable part of any modern professional’s toolkit. Because it is such a personal tool, it’s important to give it a name that evokes the special relationship you have with it. Here is a collection of alternative names for a Second Brain…

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Artificial Time

We’ve been led to believe that we are at the precipice of an Artificial Intelligence explosion. Yet the progress in our digital assistants and self-driving cars seems to have stalled. Computers choke at even the simplest requests, and most of the digital world continues to be handcrafted by humans. But quietly, hidden in plain sight,…

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Why I’m Investing in Circle

When I created my first online course in 2013, online learning was a lonely affair. Platforms like Skillshare and Udemy were exploding in popularity. But the vast majority of courses at that time were one-way: information flowed only from the instructor to the students. There was no expectation that a student would get to know…

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Second Brain Week: A Free Workshop Series from Top Experts and Creators

To celebrate the launch of the 11th edition of Building a Second Brain, we’re co-hosting the first ever Second Brain Week, a series of free events with 8 top creators and experts. Come join us to learn about digital note-taking, organizing, productivity, knowledge management, and online education, and how creating a system of knowledge management for yourself can…

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Interview with Kent Sisco of Speare

I recently interviewed Kent Sisco, the creator of a knowledge management app called Speare. It provides a flexible interface for capturing thoughts and ideas as building blocks that you can organize into a “visual thought library.” Here are some of the features we demonstrated and discussed: Find & Replace – Locate words and phrases and replace…

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