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Beginners vs. Advanced Advice

The Crucial Difference Between Beginner and Advanced Advice

One of the most common sources of confusion I see in the world of productivity and self-improvement is a failure to distinguish between beginner-level advice and advanced-level advice. In any given pursuit – tennis, chess, jiu-jitsu, painting – there is a hierarchy of skills that you have to acquire one by one to progress. More…

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Implementing the PARA Method

How to Implement PARA in Your Favorite Notetaking App

The PARA Method is a simple, intuitive system for organizing all information in your life so you can find them when you need them. The first step to using PARA is to apply it to your notetaking app of choice. This is much easier when you see examples of how it’s done.  So, we’ve curated useful YouTube…

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How to choose a Second Brain app

How to Choose Your Second Brain App

If you’ve decided to follow my advice and create your very own personal system of knowledge management – which I call a “Second Brain” – then your first step is to decide which app to build it on. Your notetaking app is the core of your Second Brain, the central place where you store your…

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BASB for your Organization

Bring Building a Second Brain to Your Organization

We’re looking for organizations that want to teach their people how to build their own “Second Brain” – a system of knowledge management that empowers them to capitalize on the value of what they know and use it to advance their organization’s goals. We now offer a complete portfolio of products and services on this…

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Part 5: Book Promotion Strategy

The 6 Pillars of Our Book Promotion Strategy

There’s something book publishers don’t tell you when you sign their offer on the dotted line: almost all the responsibility for promoting your book will fall on your shoulders. A lot of authors complain about this fact, as if it represents publishers shirking their duty or being lazy. I see it quite differently: authors are responsible for selling their book because they are by far the best positioned to do so.

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