Below is an interview with Paul Millerd, a freelance strategy consultant and prolific content creator, on his experience turning the knowledge he gained through his consulting work into a series of online courses on Boundless U.

We talk about, among other things:

  • Paul’s journey to creating courses (starting with a resume course 5 years ago)
  • Using in-person workshops & consulting projects to then translate into a digital course (“think like a strategy consultant”) and then turning that into Boundless U
  • 3-4 lessons anyone can learn from strategy consulting problem solving
  • His approach to creating helpful tools first, and then later seeing how to turn it into a business
  • How he’s thinking about managing different income streams as a self-employed creator

I occasionally interview successful online course creators, as I know it’s something many of you would like to do at some point. I absolutely love creating and teaching online courses, and I think it’s one of the most exciting and promising frontiers online today.

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