Interview with Paul Millerd, Founder of Boundless U

Below is an interview with Paul Millerd, a freelance strategy consultant and prolific content creator, on his experience turning the knowledge he gained through his consulting work into a series of online courses on Boundless U. We talk about, among other things: Paul’s journey to creating courses (starting with a resume course 5 years ago) Using…

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The Forte Labs Staff Retreat, 2018

In mid-August we held our first ever staff retreat, gathering 10 people in a house in the Oakland Hills to set the direction of the company for the next year. It was an opportunity to begin to answer the question: what is it that we stand for? What is Forte Labs’ role to play in…

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Emergent Strategy: Organizing for Social Justice

When I moved from San Francisco to Oakland in 2014, I was just trying to pay cheaper rent. I never expected to be influenced by the movements that flow through Oakland’s veins: the movements for social justice, for environmental justice, and for black liberation. I’ve since had the privilege of working with some of the…

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You Need a Budget: 13 Parallels Between Money and Productivity

I recently read and took notes on You Need a Budget (YNAB-Affiliate Link), a popular book on personal finance and budgeting (with accompanying software for managing budgets) by Jesse Mecham. My interest in this book is three-fold: I’m terrible at budgeting and need help I want to borrow principles and methods for managing money to help people…

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Just-In-Time PM #11: Late Starts on the Critical Path

In Part 10, I argued that digital knowledge work was fundamentally different than other kinds of work, because its structure, features, and purpose could be added or changed after it was built.

Principle #4 of Digital Knowledge Work is therefore to “Start everything as late as possible.”

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Just-In-Time PM #10: Structure, Features, and Purpose

In Part 9, I explained why it is so important to create placeholders for your work-in-process: to allow you to pursue multiple projects across different spans of time without losing your progress.

What we are converging towards is a set of core principles for how Digital Knowledge Work is fundamentally different from previous kinds of work.

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Just-In-Time PM #9: Placeholders

In Part 8, we looked at divergence and convergence as the two fundamental modes of all creative work.

Now let’s see what this looks like in our day to day schedules.

The main feature of the modern workday, you may have noticed, is fragmentation.

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