Case Study: Favourite Porblems

How Favorite Problems Evolve: A Case Study

Your favorite problems will likely stay consistent over many years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t evolve. I’ve found that in most cases I never actually arrive at a final, definitive answer to a question. Instead, the question changes as I learn more. Let me illustrate this with a case study. I’ll show you how one of my favorite problems – teaching – changed over time as my life went through different stages.

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Forte Labs 2022 Goals

Every year since I was 21, I sat down each year to write down my personal goals for the year. This was my most important ritual for over 15 years, a realignment on the True North of my deepest values, principles, and dreams. This year I sat down to do it once again, and noticed…

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The 4 Identities of a Teacher: Reporter, Expert, Mentor, Role Model

When you decide to share what you know with others, your own learning takes off like a four-stage rocket.What are those four stages?I once learned of a framework for the evolution of a teacher’s identity over time from Brendon Burchard, an influential online marketer and teacher.It gave me tremendous clarity about my own progress as…

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The New Building a Second Brain: Brand Reveal

When I started my professional career, I had only the most vague sense of how visual aesthetics related to business. I knew there were brands that I was inherently attracted to, such as Apple. And I had a fairly good sense for what was beautiful, from a childhood spent in museums and art galleries with…

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Forte Labs Operating Principles

These are our 7 operating principles at Forte Labs. #1 – We are in business to serve We are in business to serve, and our financial success comes as a side effect of the positive impact we make on people’s lives. We overdeliver on our promises and respect the time and attention that our customers…

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