The Official Second Brain Note Template

Presenting the first-ever official note template for use with my Building A Second Brain online course and methodology! Click below to download the template to your own Evernote account: View note template Here is a quick 2-minute demo video showing how to make use of the template:

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Desktop Zero: An Experiment on Clearing My Digital Workspace

I performed a little experiment this month, to test my hypothesis that a number of useful files accumulate on the desktop and are worth saving for the long term. The experiment was simple: I allowed files and folders to accumulate on my desktop from October 1st to 30th, without organizing or filing any of them…

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Just-in-Time PM #21: Workflow Strategies

Now it’s time to look at the JIT Project Manager’s toolkit. How do we put these ideas into practice in our day to day work?

Through Workflow Strategies, a set of practical techniques for executing modern projects. Here is the full list, according to whether they work better for small or large-scale projects, and what kind of situation they are best suited for.

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The Complete Guide to Saving Your Kindle Highlights

Millions of people around the world have experienced the joy of reading ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Whether it’s using a dedicated Kindle device, via the Kindle app for iOS or Android, or even for free on a computer, we’ve invested countless hours in reading and learning from these books. But how about all those…

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The Design of a Weekly Review

The most important practice that I recommend everyone adopt for their personal productivity is a Weekly Review – a regular reflection on their priorities and goals designed to give them a sense of clarity for the upcoming week. Whether you adopt the Getting Things Done method or something else isn’t important. It doesn’t matter whether you…

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Progressive Summarization VI: Core Principles of Knowledge Capture

It might seem absurd that something as simple as a method of highlighting could be so important to a person’s productivity and learning. Even I’m surprised that’s turned out to be the case.

But as testimonials and stories have streamed in from people putting it to use around the world, I’ve become convinced that it is the beginning of a sea change in how we consume information.

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Visualizing the Theory of Constraints with Mini Metro

By James Stuber @uberstuber Alex the Plant Manager has returned home from a hectic day at the factory. Hoping to unwind, he decides to try a new game. Alex has loved trains since childhood, so he is delighted when he discovers Mini Metro. The clean, minimalist game promises to be a nice reprieve from his…

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Second Brain Case Study: How I Write Long-Form Blog Posts

One of the most common questions I receive is how I write long-form blog posts. And especially how I write them frequently, at high quality, drawing on numerous sources. It’s taken me a long time to be able to make the process explicit. The Building a Second Brain course is basically my long-form writing workflow…

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