On Thursday, March 19, at 9am ET, I will be interviewing Sönke Ahrens, author of the breakout book How To Take Smart Notes. This is your chance to ask him your burning questions on note-taking and non-fiction writing.

Ahrens is a Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at the University of Duisburg-Essen and also coaches students, academics, and professionals with a focus on time management, decision-making, and personal growth.

I recently summarized my favorite takeaways from his book in a post called How To Take Smart Notes: 10 Principles to Revolutionize Your Note-Taking and Writing.


06:55:12 From Tiago Forte : Hello everyone! Where are you calling in from?
06:55:23 From Ricardo Martinez : Venezuela
06:55:24 From LeAnne McDaniel : Atlanta
06:55:25 From Michiel Nuyts : Belgium!
06:55:26 From Brett Pontecorvo : NYC
06:55:26 From Ryne Taylor : South Carolina
06:55:27 From Alexey Makhotkin : Netherlands
06:55:33 From Leigh Menschig : Germany
06:55:33 From Franklin Thomas : Dallas, TX
06:55:34 From David Verdier : South Carolina
06:55:35 From Norman Klewer : Germany
06:55:35 From GrowthPilgrim : Germany
06:55:39 From Tim Hobson : Chiang Mai, Thailand
06:55:39 From Nolboo Kim : South Korea
06:55:44 From Andrew Hazlett : Chicago
06:55:56 From Avi Waxman : Israel
06:55:57 From Roxann Chavez : AZ
06:56:09 From Mark Robertson : Rural California
06:56:10 From Mark Smith : South Africa
06:56:20 From Kent Park : South Korea
06:56:21 From Maarten Tigchelaar : The Netherlands
06:56:34 From Hendrik van Houten : The Netherlands
06:56:39 From Hal Morris : Rural New Jersey
06:56:41 From Vaibhav Sharma : Good Morning/Afternoon/Eventing to everyone from New Delhi, India.
06:58:09 From Torgrim Sandvoll : How do you get profile/avatar image (when no video)?
06:58:27 From Philip Dickinson : Ohio
06:58:49 From Keishi Nukina : Tokyo
06:59:12 From Larry Hendrick : Texas
06:59:13 From Natesan Selvaganapathi : Singapore
06:59:23 From Ellen König : Berlin, Germany
06:59:27 From Marc Ortega : Andorra
06:59:28 From Ecp Page : Toronto canada
06:59:39 From Herb Caudill : Barcelona
06:59:40 From Jim Lochner : NYC
06:59:41 From Jean Pierre Traets : Sofia, Bulgaria
06:59:42 From Roland Noll : Southern Germany
06:59:47 From K. : Brussels
06:59:48 From Marius Kurrle : Stuttgart, Germany
06:59:54 From Matthew Robinson : Bay Area, California
06:59:57 From Maureen Metzger : Michigan, USA
07:00:00 From Wess Daniels : Hey Everyone – Wess Daniels here from Greensboro North Carolina
07:00:05 From Bojan Miletic : Serbia
07:00:10 From Katie Day : Bangkok, Thailand
07:00:14 From George Lutz : Good Morning from Long Island
07:00:19 From Torgrim Sandvoll : How do you get profile/avatar image (when no video) in Zoom? @Katie, @Brett, @Jeremy, @Bjorn
07:02:07 From Bjorn Tegelund : https://fortelabs.com/blog/how-to-take-smart-notes here’s the link
07:02:07 From Avi Waxman : https://fortelabs.com/blog/how-to-take-smart-notes
07:02:47 From toran : Aye up 🙂
07:02:55 From Toby Wilkins : Hello everyone
07:03:04 From Erich Angermayr : Hello from Montreal, Canada
07:03:09 From Wess Daniels : Book: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781542866507
07:03:14 From Preben Carlsen : Greetings from Denmark
07:03:14 From George Do : Hi my name is George Do, based in Los Angeles. Good to meet everyone.
07:03:19 From Perry Appino : Hello from Philly!
07:03:31 From Jim Lochner : But…quarantine hair!
07:03:33 From Michael Smith : Hello from Masschusetts!
07:03:33 From Sachin Singh : Hello from Iowa
07:03:40 From Andrew Anderson : Good morning from Baltimore.
07:03:58 From Sush Mukherjee : hello everybody
07:04:11 From Sush Mukherjee : hello from locked down Basel Switzerland
07:04:34 From christine faure : hello from france
07:04:45 From Rick Hamlet : Fayetteville, NC checking in….
07:04:57 From Faye Anderson : Hello to all from Washington DC
07:05:05 From Luis Guerrero : Hello, Everyone! It’s 7am in Mexico City, I’m still in zombie mode after getting out the bed. Prefer to keep camera off. Sorry.
07:06:03 From Jason Otero : aloha from Oahu. 3am here!
07:06:18 From Sönke Ahrens : takesmartnotes.com
07:06:51 From Matheus Tanos : hi
07:06:56 From Adarash Mishra : good morning from Ann Arbor, Michigan
07:06:59 From Geoff Ruddock : Hello from Berlin! Camera off for me as well, as I am currently wearing a ridiculous pair of 3M Peltor X5A earmuffs.
07:07:04 From Matheus Tanos : good morning from brazil 🙂
07:07:10 From Perry Appino : 3am! What a trooper!!
07:07:14 From Captain Nemo : good evening from Hong Kong
07:07:37 From Jim McGee : A review I did of Sonke’s book last spring – https://mcgeesmusings.net/2019/03/08/unexpected-aha-moments-review-how-to-take-smart-notes/
07:07:40 From Ricardo Martinez : Good morning from Caracas, Venezuela
07:08:15 From Matheus Tanos : who is taking notes from this interview ? lol
07:08:26 From mdterp84 : Good morning from Charleston, SC!
07:08:29 From Theresia Tanzil : lol
07:09:27 From Matheus Tanos : Tiago I’m a big fan of your work
07:09:30 From Perry Appino : Thanks, Jim!
07:09:58 From George Do : thanks for link to review Jim.
07:10:00 From Francisco Alves : Good morning from Brazil!
07:10:08 From Matheus Tanos : Francisco nice to have more brazilians here
07:10:10 From Matheus Tanos : 😀
07:10:21 From Francisco Alves : 🙂
07:10:57 From Kristin McNulty : Good Morning from Vancouver, eh?
07:11:32 From Avi Waxman : Thanks for the link, Jim
07:11:41 From Matheus Tanos : Hacking your education from… forgot his name is a great book about this kinf od education change
07:12:10 From Wess Daniels : As someone teaching in Higher Education, I couldn’t agree more!
07:12:36 From Dayday Kay : Good morning from Southern California
07:13:31 From toran : I’m starting an Arts and Humanities degree (with the Open University) in October. So I do need to develop a viable note taking system.
07:14:04 From Toby Wilkins : QUESTION – How do you deal with note taking in a one-to-one or meeting setting? Being present vs note taking.
07:15:16 From Kiran : Question: Have you ever had anyone implement Zettelkasten in Anki? Did they find it useful? What issues did they have?
07:15:20 From Wess Daniels : I use progressive summarization in all my classes. I teach students how to do it and then require it from them throughout the semester. After three years, I finally have older students who actually help the younger students with this. This is on Tiago’s blog if interested: https://fortelabs.com/blog/second-brain-case-study-building-a-second-brain-in-higher-education/
07:15:38 From Jim McGee : Hacking your education – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099CUNIO/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
07:15:40 From mdterp84 : Great question, Toby. I recall several years back, when the use of tablets started accelerating in the business world, some of my colleagues taking notes on their iPads. I thought “You’re focused more on your system than the meeting!”
07:15:57 From Matheus Tanos : Great \jim, tahnk you
07:16:00 From Matheus Tanos : Jim
07:16:00 From toran : My current problem, with note taking, is that I either don’t take enough notes or I end up copy-typing the complete text.
07:17:29 From Jim McGee : For meeting notes – Itry to carve out time post meeting to expand brief notes into a full blown trip report/memo to myself – I find I can reconstruct a good deal of the conversation if I do it within 24 hours
07:17:49 From sonkewindhausen : My Recommendation is „The Archive“. It is written to be software-agnostic. https://zettelkasten.de/the-archive/
07:17:54 From Ken Fleisher : I do a lot of my reading on Kindle while riding the subway. I highlight passages on the Kindle. Since the Kindle is not too good for note taking, do you have a recommendation of a good way to take notes in less-than-ideal conditions (like riding the subway)?
07:18:19 From Maximilian Schulz : Roam by Roam Research looks really promising to me in that regard. Does anyone else use it here?
07:18:25 From Sagar Dubey : Ken – you can just export your highlights later or take quick notes on your phone
07:18:26 From Dayday Kay : Dual shift paradigm haha
07:18:51 From Lukas Donkers : roam user here 🤘
07:18:53 From Andy Narracott : Maximilian I use the zettelkasten in roam. it’s a game changer
07:18:56 From Jonathan Sidhu : @maximilian – I’ve just heard of it about 2 weeks ago and am exploring
07:19:16 From Captain Nemo : Re: “The Archive” – not OS-agnostic. Mac only.
07:19:43 From Jason Sherman : @andynarracott can you elaborate re: roam?
07:20:02 From Maximilian Schulz : Nice! I’ve been using it since last December and I can’t imagine switching back to another program.
07:20:26 From Ken Fleisher : +1 for Roam Research
07:20:37 From Michiel Nuyts : + 1 Roam 🙂
07:20:51 From Daryl Gubler : I’m more of a plain text person and using grep or other command line tools to find stuff.
07:21:02 From Ricardo Martinez : +1 Roam
07:21:06 From Wess Daniels : I’m a Roam convert but still heavily rely on Evernote
07:21:20 From Perry Appino : Evernote user here!
07:21:28 From Jeremy Ulstad : emacs org mode for a decade, but playing with Roam and feels very natural so far
07:21:28 From Mitch Teplitsky : Apple notes
07:21:31 From Hendrik van Houten : Notion
07:21:51 From Mark Robertson : Roam & DEVONthink
07:21:53 From toran : I use Evernote and OneNote (for my educational notes).
07:21:56 From Daryl Gubler : Here is an article on Roam: https://www.nateliason.com/blog/roam
07:21:59 From Kyle Harrison : went from Evernote to Notion to Roam and I’m a big believer in Roam
07:22:01 From Zach Rudy : I’ve been using Notion for my zk and it is worth checking out. The amount of features may be overwhelming, but if you keep it simple notion can be very powerful!
07:22:20 From Daryl Gubler : That person is also setting up a course of Roam for those interested in Roam.
07:22:22 From Ricardo Martinez : Kyle, that’s my exact path
07:22:30 From toran : I do use Notion but not for note taking, as it’s just too slow and clunky for that.
07:22:59 From Toby Wilkins : I keep switching between Evernote and roam. Its an issue
07:23:10 From Lukas Donkers : I have 750 notes in Roam so far :p
07:23:35 From Tiago Forte : https://docs.google.com/document/d/13scG76a2IZvEMY0Gxro9FPCaoGIhYylrWeqUsHp12tI/edit?usp=sharing
07:23:47 From Philip Himmelstein : Primarily a Notion user here for project management/PARA. Should I explore Roam in tandem? Can someone share the similarities/differences?
07:23:56 From Zach Rudy : to elaborate, i take fleeting notes and lit notes with apple notes, then transfer them over to notion for my permanent notes
07:24:30 From Ellen König : I have been using Evernote for almost 10 years now. That amounts to 4,6k notes. Will be a long time till I switch, if ever 😉
07:24:52 From Sagar Dubey : ha that made me really smile
07:24:55 From Rohit Bommisetti : If I’m dumping new links into Evernote, do you guys place it in the right notebooks right then and there or do you wait to batch it all later?
07:24:58 From Sagar Dubey : not to be hard on yourself for not having a. good system
07:25:05 From Toby Wilkins : Do you find Evernote is a black hole, and its difficult to find and go through things afterwords?
07:25:18 From Sagar Dubey : Toby – search in evernote is pretty good
07:25:29 From Erich Angermayr : I’m surprised that no one is mentioning the app http://www.TheBrain.com
07:25:55 From Rick Hamlet : Have been using Evernote for quite some time and have morphed into my own system for organizing/reminding/etc. I have been excited about integromat.com as a means of filling in the gaps.
07:25:59 From toran : Would they have a companion app called Pinky? 😉
07:26:04 From Jonathan Sidhu : lol
07:26:22 From Jonathan Sidhu : I was a user of thebrain ~10 yrs back
07:26:34 From Gunawan Koesdianto : How do you guys deal with inability of evernote to nest notebooks?
07:26:40 From Jonathan Sidhu : did not work for my working style. info went in and never came out
07:27:03 From Ivan Nemytchenko : oh I have hundreds of them
07:27:08 From Jonathan Sidhu : Gunawan I think ‘stacks’ try to address nesting
07:27:31 From Sriram K : At what point does progressive summarization have diminishing returns?
07:27:33 From Toby Wilkins : QUESTION – what tools does sonke himself use?
07:27:43 From Sriram K : is tehre a sweet spot with # iterations?
07:27:46 From Gunawan Koesdianto : @Jonathan I use stack, but to implement PARA we need more that 1 level of nesting
07:27:50 From Sagar Dubey : Sriram – I’d say at about where they become illegible to you. Sweet. spot is about 4.
07:27:50 From sonkewindhausen : RE: true @captian nemo. Its only Mac. But the files are only .txt files so its easy to take to other apps
07:27:51 From Wess Daniels : @gunawan – I use Tiago’s PARA in Evernote and Roam. No need to nest folders using that method.
07:28:24 From Dayday Kay : QUESTION – How do you use the zettelkasten method for notes from books, courses, blogs, podcasts, etc and turning them essentially into one ultimate paradigm. (One with all of the concepts, facts, connections, and procedures for projects)
07:28:37 From Gunawan Koesdianto : @Wess, doesn’t Tiago PARA still need to have more than 1 nesting level?
07:29:27 From Ellen König : @Gunawan — no. You only have the PARA hierarchy folders and then individual notebooks in them
07:30:08 From Wess Daniels : @Gunwan – PARA is the “stack” in Evernote and then everything else is a folder.
07:30:18 From Wess Daniels : Sorry “notebook” – using Evernote’s language
07:32:02 From Gunawan Koesdianto : I replicate PARA from my Evernote to my Dropbox. and I group similar/same categories topics into 1 folder in my Dropbox
07:32:35 From Gunawan Koesdianto : It seems that I didn’t do it properly, so you guys just use max 2 levels throughout all of your file and notes systems? PARA and 1 level bellow
07:33:15 From Wess Daniels : @Gunaway – yes, that is how I do it anyway. And good use in Dropbox.
07:33:39 From Gunawan Koesdianto : @Wess Thanks for sharing =)
07:34:29 From Dayday Kay : Topic is almost like a context grouping
07:35:34 From Jim McGee : Reminds me of Gregory Bateson’s definition – information is any difference that makes a difference
07:35:57 From Tanuj Bhojwani : So would you say that now, all your beliefs are in your note taking system?
07:36:04 From George Do : So Context is in reference to other. Topic is in reference to self?
07:37:53 From Wess Daniels : @gunawan – here’s what some of it looks like in my EN: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAHxpHfcMdVNnJpzUjZy2hyfiw8vlsNRlzo
07:38:05 From Andy Narracott : Context forces you to think. Labelling by topic is lazy.
07:39:16 From Perry Appino : Yes!! That makes sense.
07:39:50 From Avi Waxman : Thanks Wes for the link
07:40:08 From daynedaniell : Labelling by topic limits the value of the content. You’re literally limiting the use of a note when you tie it to a specific topic
07:40:13 From Bill Seitz : “surprise”
07:40:25 From Rohit Bommisetti : @wessdaniels & everyone else – when you get new links, do you immediately do progressive summarization on the article or do you just come back to it later? What’s your process?
07:40:31 From George Do : Thanks Andy. I like context forces to think. Labelling has some value for organizing, maybe 40% lazy? 🙂
07:40:35 From Bill Seitz : If there won’t be any, why read it?
07:40:37 From Danielle Bellows : It’s like a Red Team- the role is to poke holes in the argument so you can see where all the holes are
07:40:55 From Sagar Dubey : live tweeting with a few tweets here – https://twitter.com/cigardubey/status/1240628546369990657?s=20
07:42:26 From Bojan Miletic : what would you suggest as alternetive to spaced repetition in learning new languages?
07:42:27 From Maarten Tigchelaar : I highly recommend https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn
07:42:33 From Wess Daniels : @rohit – It depends on the article and what I am working on. I may capture and do layer 1 summary if it fits into something I’m currently doing, otherwise I capture and add to my note/notebook on that subject for later PS.
07:42:57 From Ken Fleisher : A memory palace is a great way to learn new languages
07:43:19 From Wess Daniels : I don’t understand spaced repetition. Is there an easy onramp so I can get my head around it?
07:43:23 From Daryl Gubler : I find memorization is useful in information connected to physical actions – languages for speaking, keyboard shortcuts, programming syntax. Certain ratios for cooking.
07:43:27 From Andrew Anderson : sorry folks. Off to standup.
07:43:29 From Hal Morris : Readwise makes me remember, and mix together, books I read a long time ago; I don’t think of it as memorization technique.
07:43:31 From Torgrim Sandvoll : I use context as a tag for usage of information bit. I.e. Topic = Learning. Context = Definition, Fact, Method, Theory, Example, Action, App, History, Person, Story, Study, etc.
07:43:31 From Sagar Dubey : @Bojan there’s the goldlist method – https://www.open.edu/openlearn/languages/learning-languages/the-goldlist-method
07:44:01 From Bojan Miletic : Thanks @Sagar
07:44:01 From Jeremy Ulstad : I don’t care for heavyweight spaced repetition (i.e. Anki) but Readwise has a very low friction spaced repetition feature that is quite nice
07:44:02 From Captain Nemo : @Wess Daniels – google Anki and/or Supermemo
07:44:13 From Rohit Bommisetti : Thank you! @wessdaniels
07:44:21 From Avi Waxman : Thanks Maarten for the link
07:44:27 From Ellen König : @Wess Daniels: The Wikipedia article is a decent onramp I would say https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition
07:44:37 From Avi Waxman : Thanks Sagar for the link
07:44:39 From daynedaniell : I’ve been tempted to try out Readwise
07:44:43 From Rohit Bommisetti : Does Tiago have an article about capturing info to Evernote and a good process for that? @wessdaniels
07:44:53 From Wess Daniels : @captain Nemo – thank you!
07:44:56 From Avi Waxman : Thanks Ellen for the link
07:44:59 From Tom Kerwin : Agree on Readwise, Hal Morris. I’ve been enjoying that serendipitous remix aspect
07:45:00 From Sagar Dubey : @Wess – simple explanation is like this – memory is formed by repeated exposure. initially you have to expose yourself to the same info over and over again. but the more you expose and remember the less you need to expose yourself to the same info as your brain detects that its important and goes into long term memory.
07:45:12 From Sagar Dubey : @rohit there are plenty – just google for it – great youtube videos too
07:45:14 From Michiel Nuyts : I use Anki on a daily basis in my Software Development career
07:45:35 From Dayday Kay : 80% of your genius will probably come from 20% of your ideas. Chances are that core principles, mental models, and certain frameworks of thinking will radically shift your thinking. These might be the only things that I would believe to be worth keeping in my long-term memory.
07:45:50 From Hal Morris : Why does memory palace work? A thought: our brains are wired to instantly react to “what do I need to do in this place or in presence of this (lion, rabbit, bee hive in a tree)
07:45:54 From Vaibhav Sharma : @Torgrim Thanks for the context as a tag.
07:46:00 From Wess Daniels : @rohit – you can find a page of articles on progressive summarization on praxis blog
07:46:07 From Toby Wilkins : QUESTION – what tools does sonic use himself?
07:46:21 From Sagar Dubey : @Hal – yes – look for memory and space in our brains
07:46:50 From Toby Wilkins : QUESTION – how do you balance note taking in meeting & 1-2-1 situations? Presence vs taking notes.
07:46:53 From Kyle Harrison : did he say Roam??
07:46:59 From Jonathan Sidhu : me too. Roam is still very much in beta
07:47:04 From Jonathan Sidhu : yes
07:47:05 From Daryl Gubler : @Kyle – yes
07:47:07 From Dayday Kay : QUESTION – How do you use the zettelkasten method for notes from books, courses, blogs, podcasts, etc and turning them essentially into one ultimate paradigm. (One with all of the concepts, facts, connections, and procedures for projects)
07:47:34 From Captain Nemo : QUESTION – Can you comment on the idea that you should take sufficient notes on a source that you never need to read it again? Luhmann said this, but I’m worried it slows down my notetaking too much.
07:47:49 From Wess Daniels : @rohit – here is what I use with my students – https://www.evernote.com/l/AAFaueMnrARDxo7SPJbFwStRGLdgjtBqa98
07:48:14 From Toby Wilkins : QUESTION – how do you take notes in mobile situations, when you are on the go?
07:48:16 From Wess Daniels : @ellen – thank you! Adding it to my Roam page. 🙂
07:48:22 From Avi Waxman : Thank you Wes
07:48:26 From Sagar Dubey : @Toby – Apple Notes is quickest
07:48:31 From Andy Narracott : Great question @Captain
07:48:35 From Rohit Bommisetti : @wessdaniels this is so awesome 🙂 thank you!!
07:48:57 From William Riski : Thanks Wess D.
07:48:59 From Daryl Gubler : @Toby – I recommend Drafts app on iPhone – its designed for quick text capture and then sending it to other places
07:49:05 From Wess Daniels : @sagar – thank you for that.
07:49:12 From Hal Morris : I wrote down everything said in a lecture in college, and NEVER read it (couldn’t keep up today).
07:49:20 From Vaibhav Sharma : Thanks @Wess Daniels
07:49:24 From Michael Hodges : nat woot woot!
07:49:34 From Maximilian Schulz : Oh wow! Awesom
07:49:37 From Toby Wilkins : I took Nate’s online roam course – its good
07:49:52 From Ken Fleisher : Yeah!
07:50:04 From Wess Daniels : Here is Nat’s great post on Roam : https://www.nateliason.com/blog/roam
07:50:15 From Maximilian Schulz : +1 for his course!
07:50:17 From Michael Hodges : I would love to view that meeting as well.
07:50:25 From Andy Narracott : Does shared Zettelkasten work?
07:50:25 From Nick Quick : I’m arriving late… forgot about daylight savings. Is there a recording?
07:50:38 From Hal Morris : RE Collab how about hypothes.is?
07:50:45 From Sagar Dubey : @Sönke. – what is your current research focus – or what’s your goal for the next year?
07:50:51 From Wess Daniels : @nick – yes there is a recording.
07:50:56 From Ken Fleisher : I do a lot of my reading on Kindle while riding the subway. I highlight passages on the Kindle. Since the Kindle is not too good for note taking, do you have a recommendation of a good way to take notes in less-than-ideal conditions (like riding the subway)?
07:51:51 From Jonathan Sidhu : roambrain.com/roam-intro/ has some good intro materials for understanding it (I’ve no connection to the company other than I’ve begun experimenting with it for a slipbox-type system)
07:52:20 From Nick Quick : Awesome! Thanks Wess!
07:52:42 From Toby Fehr : How important is text vs. graphs / visualization?
07:53:00 From Avi Waxman : Thanks Jonathan
07:53:41 From Captain Nemo : Thanks for the answer!
07:53:54 From George Do : I have been using progressive summarization with Memex. https://getmemex.com/ anyone else use this?
07:54:03 From Daryl Gubler : @Toby – I think that is highly dependent on both the information and also how you interact with the information.
07:54:45 From George Do : well said tiago
07:54:46 From toran : Developed my own organising system, based on PARA, as it didn’t quite work for me.
07:54:49 From William Riski : Good question Toby F. Visual versus Text? I tend to be very sensitive to use of colors. Especially throws me off when one color indiscrimenantly used to convey different meanings.
07:54:51 From Maximilian Schulz : Love that point Tiago!
07:55:52 From Dean Johnson : Estimated date?
07:55:58 From toran : https://takesmartnotes.com/
07:56:14 From Avi Waxman : Thank you Tiago and Sonke for giving this session.
07:56:35 From Dawn Nizzi : Thank you! Extremely helpful.
07:56:35 From Jean Pierre Traets : Thanks, great work
07:56:36 From Natesan Selvaganapathi : Thank You Tiago
07:56:38 From Toby Wilkins : If anyone is interested, I writing a tool to help you copy/paste your article highlights into your note taking app. Reach out on twitter @tjcwilk
07:56:39 From toran : Ta Tiago and Sonke 🙂
07:56:40 From William Riski : Thank you all. Very good.
07:56:42 From Perry Appino : Thanks all! Great info in the chat!!
07:56:44 From Maureen Metzger : Thanks very much!
07:56:44 From Daryl Gubler : Thank you 🙂
07:56:46 From dewaynecushman : Thank you! Book has been a great help! Thanks Tiago for the hosting the interview.
07:56:47 From Wess Daniels : I’d be down for an anti-book club on this book if folks are interested in joining in.
07:56:47 From David Verdier : Thank you very much!
07:56:47 From Sergei : Thank you!
07:56:48 From toran : Danke
07:56:48 From Sachin Singh : Thanks!
07:56:49 From Mike Doolittle : Great webinar
07:56:49 From Wess Daniels : Thank you!!!
07:56:50 From Maximilian Schulz : Thank you so much guys!! Stay safe!
07:56:51 From Alexey Makhotkin : thank you!
07:56:51 From Larry Hendrick : Fantastic, Tiago. Thank you.
07:56:53 From Louise St. Germain : Thank you!!
07:56:53 From Keishi Nukina : Thanks!!
07:56:53 From Jason Leiper : Thank you Sonke and Tiago
07:56:54 From Kristin McNulty : Thank you!!!
07:56:54 From Bruce Winson : Thanks Tiago and Sonke
07:56:54 From Jonathan Sidhu : thank you
07:56:54 From Kiran : Thanks Tiago, SÖnke
07:56:56 From Sagar Dubey : Newsletter here – https://takesmartnotes.com/contact/
07:56:58 From Danilo Marcolongo : Thank You
07:56:59 From Ken Fleisher : Thank yo
07:57:00 From Chris Carroll : Thanks!
07:57:01 From Dayday Kay : Thanks guys!
07:57:01 From Nick Quick : Thanks !

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