This is a recording of a live walkthrough of Superhuman, an email client that works in the browser and on iOS and connects to any Gmail account.

They have made waves in the productivity world over the past few years for “completely reinventing” the email experience from the ground up. They are also known for their eye-popping price of $30 per month, and a waitlist to even try the product of several hundred thousand people.

I recently had an onboarding call with CEO Rahul Vohra, who told me that my article One-Touch to Inbox Zero was an inspiration for the design of the product. Apparently it is required reading for support personnel to this day. This intrigued me and I decided to try it out, using it exclusively for the past couple months.

It is a remarkable product that has made major strides in allowing people to handle a high volume of email both efficiently and effectively, drawing on many years of experience building email-related products. In this walkthrough I show you what the program looks like, how it works, demonstrate its main features, and talk about what I see as the bigger picture of email in a world with so many messaging solutions.

Here are the links mentioned in the call:

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