Marketing Programme

The Only Marketing Program I Recommend – Is Back

The Keystone Accelerator is back! Two years ago, I partnered with my top marketing advisor, Billy Broas. I said to Billy: “The marketing side of my business has been so important and so filled with powerful lessons. I want to teach online marketing to my readers, but I’ve got to stay focused on Building a…

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The Building a Second Brain Sharing Guide

We encourage everyone who consumes our content and takes our courses to spread the word about Building a Second Brain – to share what they’ve learned, and to make their own contributions to the PKM ecosystem.  At the same time, we need to make sure we protect the intellectual property we’ve invested in. That’s why we put…

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The New Building a Second Brain: Brand Reveal

When I started my professional career, I had only the most vague sense of how visual aesthetics related to business. I knew there were brands that I was inherently attracted to, such as Apple. And I had a fairly good sense for what was beautiful, from a childhood spent in museums and art galleries with…

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Book Update #3: The Goal That Took Me 15 Years to Achieve

It was the fall of 2005. I was a 20 year-old student at Saddleback Community College near my hometown in Orange County, California.

Over the previous year, I had exhausted nearly all of my college savings by attending one of the most expensive universities in the country, in faraway Washington D.C.

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The Keystone Course Accelerator: Cohort 2

The online education industry is blowing up. Projected to grow by 247 billion dollars by 2024, online education is now known simply as “education.” Years’ worth of growth is happening in months as traditional institutions struggle to keep up and everyone from K-12 students to college students to professionals desperately seek ways to connect and learn…

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My Interview with Nathan Barry on The Art of Newsletters

I recently sat down with Nathan Barry, Founder of the email marketing platform ConvertKit, for a super in-depth discussion about my philosophy and strategy for building an audience via a weekly email newsletter. You can watch the 80-minute interview on YouTube or listen to it as a podcast. I switched from Mailchimp to ConvertKit in August of 2019,…

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Introducing the Keystone Course Accelerator

“Honestly, I feel like more people should know about you and your content.” That’s how the email from a guy named Billy started. It was April 2019, and I was at a crossroads. I had been teaching my Building a Second Brain course for a couple years at that point. I’d had success, but the…

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I’m speaking at Teachable’s “Share What You Know” Summit

It is June of 2016, and I’m sitting quietly at my computer in a trendy cafe in downtown Oakland, California. I’m gulping down a huge, over-sweetened chai latte and sweating profusely as I log in to my computer. I’m incredibly stressed out, and using the sugar as a coping mechanism. I’m sweating not because I’m working…

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