On March 7th, 2018, our Head of Ops Benjamin Mosior facilitated a virtual workshop on Wardley Mapping, a value-chain mapping technique that has taken the strategy world by storm in recent years.

First developed by Simon Wardley to navigate the emerging cloud computing industry, it’s now exploded into dozens of different industries and applications. Here is Simon’s Medium publication where he’s publishing a book on the subject chapter by chapter, and here’s an interview he did with Venkatesh Rao on “mapping the internal and external realities of organizations.” I’m interested in how visual thinking can be used to externalize complex, strategic thinking, but this tool can be used for many other purposes as well.

Ben worked closely with Simon to help organize the first Map Camp, and has published educational materials in support of the method.

The example mapping exercise used the Praxis blog as a case study, looking at its various components and how they interact to form a value chain.

Ben used a newly-developed Wardley Mapping canvas for RealtimeBoard (image below) to guide the process. You can try the template canvas out for yourself by signing up for Ben’s email list here.

To learn more about Wardley Mapping, take a look at these resources or contact Ben directly!

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