I interviewed Oliver Sauter, the Co-Founder of a knowledge management and online bookmarking platform called Memex.

Memex is built by a company called WorldBrain, whose vision is “A well-informed and less polarized society where everyone can use their full attention to create knowledge and make sustainable, effective and compassionate decisions.” Their vision is “To make it faster for people to organize, share and discover trustworthy and perspective-rich content on the web & support an internet where individuals enjoy data ownership, privacy & freedom to choose software providers without lock-ins.”

Memex has been built from the ground up to prioritize the privacy, security, and accessibility of its users’ data, with core features like:

  • Full text search of every website you’ve visited, with no upfront work required to save it
  • Highlighted annotations on websites, in its original context, without requiring a separate tool
  • Ability to sort and organize bookmarks using tags and collections
  • Encrypted sync of content between different web and mobile devices
  • Sidebar and keyboard shortcuts within the browser to maximize speed
  • A novel corporate structure that caps investor returns to ensure company incentives remain aligned with customers

I’ve heard a lot of good things about WorldBrain and what they’re working on, and spoke to Oliver about their current progress and future plans. I asked Oliver about the ideas behind its creation, how it differs from other platforms, and asked him to demonstrate its most powerful use cases:

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