We’ve developed a live, in-person creative writing workshop called The Creative Process. First prototyped in New York City, we’ve since delivered it in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Arizona, with many more cities around the world planned for the coming year.

As the name suggests, this isn’t just a workshop to help you write better. It provides a window into the nature of any kind of creativity in the age of information abundance that we now live in because of the Internet and technology. The goal of the workshop is to demonstrate what it feels like to do work with a creative process that allows you to consistently produce your best creative work.

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Workshop description

The Creative Process Workshop presents a radical new approach to writing in the Information Age.

All of us are now being called to do more creative work, to generate new ideas and insights at a breakneck pace. But the volume and complexity of information that we have to manage have become totally overwhelming. If we continue to rely on our own mental abilities to keep track of it all, we’re going to struggle to keep up while our peace of mind suffers.

In this workshop, we’ll take you through a writing experience that will reshape how you view the creative process in the Information Age. Instead of starting with a blank canvas and trying to come up with something good, we’ll start with an abundant supply of interesting ideas. The smartphone in the pocket can energize your writing life. Social media can be a source of learning, not just distraction. You can save your ideas in an external tool that you trust to resurface them when you need them.

We call this tool your “Second Brain,” and we’ve taught more than 1,000 people from more than 60 countries how to create one for themselves in our online course Building a Second Brain. In this workshop, we’ll combine the most powerful principles from that course with writing techniques from Write of Passage, a modern writing course taught by David Perell.

In this workshop, we’ll show you why the writing process is not as mysterious as it seems. We’ll take you through each step in a fast-paced sprint: finding an idea, researching, organizing ideas, sorting through notes, and putting the pieces together into a finished product. This isn’t your typical writing workshop. It is a dynamic and interactive experience that will show you what it feels like to fully leverage technology for creativity.

Our medium will be writing, but the lessons apply equally well to any kind of creativity. By changing your relationship with your ideas, we’ll show you how to avoid writer’s block, clarify your thinking, establish domain expertise, and dramatically expand your creative output.

Join us for The Creative Process, and rediscover your creative potential using technology.

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