I recently taught this workshop on How to Take Digital Notes, hosted by Teachable, the online learning platform I use for my courses.

This is an introductory workshop for people just getting into this crazy world of Second Brains, personal knowledge management, and digital notetaking.

I presented some of the core concepts you’ll need to know as you embark on your brain-building journey, along with real-life examples of how they are applied in my own notes.

Here are some of the main takeaways I covered:

  • How to Capture and save the best information you consume each week
  • How to Organize that information in an easily retrievable note-taking system
  • How to Distill your notes into their key components
  • How to use your notes as fuel for creative Expression, driven by a project-first workflow
  • How having a Second Brain frees your first brain for creative work

Here’s what some of the live attendees had to say:

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