After teaching over 5,000 students how to build a Second Brain, I know that there’s no one right way and no one true app.

I also noticed that my personal setup not always resonates with everyone. Most students find it helpful to see how other people have implemented the principles of the Building a Second Brain method in their app of choice. 

If you’ve taken our online course, then you already got the chance to hear from our experienced mentors how they’ve implemented a Second Brain.

And for anyone who hasn’t taken our course yet, there are more and more people sharing their setups and takes on my methods on YouTube. 

Here are six videos to inspire your Building a Second Brain journey: 

The Second Brain – A Life-Changing Productivity System | Ali Abdaal

Ex-BASB Mentor Ali AbdaaI shares the 10 principles of Building a Second Brain in this video. You’ll hear about the capture habit, idea recycling, slow burns, and much more.

The ULTIMATE Second Brain Setup in Notion | Thomas Frank

Thomas gives you a complete, in-depth look into his Second Brain system that tracks tasks, projects, notes, and goals to organize his entire life. 

What’s interesting is that he combined my Second Brain principles with David Allen’s Getting Things Done method. His setup resembles a fully functioning Second Brain with an integrated task management system.

This Productivity System Changed Everything: How to Build a Second Brain | Mariana’s Corner 

Mariana created a succinct introduction to what a Second Brain is and why you need one. She also breaks down two of the fundamental principles behind Building a Second Brain: CODE and PARA.

My Second Brain in Notion | Elizabeth Filips 

Medical student and productivity YouTuber Elizabeth Filips, shares how she set up her Second Brain in Notion from scratch inspired by the Zettelkasten method. 

Elizabeth shares what questions she asks herself when capturing notes and resources, and how she organizes her Second Brain.

Also, check out Elizabeth’s video on why she has a Second Brain and how it has changed her life for the better.

Notion for Knowledge Management: Second Brain Template (PARA inspired) | Red Gregory

Notion ambassador Red shares a different take on the PARA method for organizing a Second Brain. 

You’ll learn how to organize and collect information, manage your tasks, and share your accumulated knowledge.

Obsidian For Beginners: Building a Second Brain From Scratch | Danny Hatcher

Danny created an in-depth, one-hour-long walkthrough on how to set up the Obsidian notes app from scratch and start building your Second Brain. 

This is great for beginners who are just getting started with Obsidian. 

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