It’s not every day that 4 years of nonstop work hinges on one moment.

But today’s one of those days!

I’ve dreamed of writing this email for many years, and I can officially say it:

You can now pre-order Building a Second Brain, which distills all of my best insights from 7 years of writing and 5 years of teaching into a single, accessible book:

The fate of the Second Brain movement now lies completely in your hands.

This earliest wave of pre-orders is the most important moment in the life of this book.

The number of people reading this blog post now who pre-order will act as a signal to the entire publishing industry that this book matters, and that people are willing and excited to pay for what’s inside it.

Our goal between now and next August 2, 2022 when it’s officially released? 10,000 pre-orders (Combined across all sales channels and formats).

I’ve heard from many sources that this number is a threshold that will act as a tripwire signaling early momentum for a new book. If we hit this number, we could trigger anything from extra print runs to attention from mainstream media outlets.

It’s all in your hands. I’m humbled just thinking about it.

In the coming months, we’ll announce a variety of pre-order bonuses. These bonuses will be organized into “tiers” based on how many books you pre-order – from a single book all the way to bulk orders of hundreds (e.g. corporate buyers and super fans). We don’t have 100% of our bonuses locked in, but any purchases you make in the meantime qualify retroactively for those bonuses.

(And it doesn’t depend on where you buy it – a purchase from any retailer in any format counts, as long as you can send us a valid receipt!)

I thought long and hard about the first and best bonus I wanted to offer my longest-time followers and subscribers. It’s difficult to put into words what it means to me that so many of you have supported me for so long. That’s why I’m offering the best reward I could imagine, available only to ultra-early pre-order purchases made in the next two weeks, by November 30, 2021.

This “early-bird” bonus is something I’ve never done before: a one-time, exclusive virtual workshop where I teach the entire Building a Second Brain method in one go.

It’s taken 5 years, 12 cohorts, and countless iterations on this material for me to feel confident I know what the essential parts of Building a Second Brain are. Only now that the manuscript is locked and loaded can I distill what normally takes 5 weeks of intense, live cohort learning into a single 3-hour workshop. It’s time!

If you’ve ever received value from anything I’ve said, written, or taught you…

This is the moment I need you most.

I’d be honored if you pre-order even one single copy of Building a Second Brain today, and be the driving force in our movement to unlock the full potential of our knowledge and creativity for as many people as possible.

Get your copy (including all our future pre-order bonuses) on Amazon in hardcover ($28 USD) or Kindle ebook ($15 USD) formats:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s been my supreme privilege to be able to reach this point (thanks to all of you).

With your help, I hope to look back on today as the very, very first step towards a beautiful revolution in human flourishing to come.

Let’s go! 🙏


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