It is June of 2016, and I’m sitting quietly at my computer in a trendy cafe in downtown Oakland, California.

I’m gulping down a huge, over-sweetened chai latte and sweating profusely as I log in to my computer. I’m incredibly stressed out, and using the sugar as a coping mechanism.

I’m sweating not because I’m working under a tight deadline, or getting ready for a job interview. I’m sweating because I’m taking a step toward my dream: to teach what I know online and make a career out of it.

The event I was registering for was Teachable Summit, a virtual conference hosted by the online learning platform Teachable. It was my foot in the door to the world of online education. Dozens of the top instructors and creators sharing countless tips and details about how they did it.

But it wasn’t yet another webinar for me. I knew I was there with a purpose: to change how people leverage their knowledge, to share what I knew about building a Second Brain.

I knew that in order to teach others how to leverage their knowledge, I had to do it myself first. I needed to create a course that embodied the principles of saving, organizing, and sharing their expertise. Instead of just talking about it, I had to demonstrate it.

That weekend was a turning point in my journey. I attended a dozen different sessions, took copious notes (obviously), and came away with a radically deeper appreciation for what it took to not only launch an online course, but to make it successful and profitable.

I could hardly believe my luck. I felt like I had found my tribe. I learned so many skills that no one talks about and that you would never even know to look for, like how to create a mini email-based course for bite-size learning, and how to design “lead magnets” that make people want to subscribe in the first place (those are links to my actual notes from 2016).

Since that experience, I’ve recommended this annual event to everyone who asks me how to get started on their own online teaching journey. There is nothing like showing up to an event with thousands of other people striving for the same dream, and hearing from dozens who have actually done it.

Just now I looked up my stats on Teachable and saw my lifetimes sales on the platform since that fateful summer:

It is an absurd number. Far beyond what I ever expected or imagined. What is most meaningful about it is that I hardly ever look it up. I get to spend my days focused on how to make a bigger impact on more people with the resources and knowledge I’ve been blessed with.

That is the real gift – being able to spend all my energy on how I can serve others, instead of worrying about paying the bills.

It is now 2020, and another impossible thing has happened: I’ve been invited to be part of Teachable’s “Share What You Know Summit” for the first time ever.

Again, this is surreal. I’m speaking alongside some of the biggest creators and teachers in the world. People I’ve admired and emulated for years.

I’ll be delivering a brand new online workshop that I’ve created specifically for this event, called Digital Note-Taking for Course Creators. I’ll demonstrate how having a Second Brain full of your best ideas and insights is THE perfect jumping off point for creating an online course. And then I’ll do a Q&A to answer all your specific questions.

If you have any inkling that you may have something worth teaching, if you’ve watched online education from afar and yearned to be a part of it, if you know in your heart that the massive movement of online learning we are now experiencing is something you want to contribute to, I invite you to join me:

It’s only $29 for a limited time, before the price goes up. An outrageously, almost criminally low price for the accumulated knowledge that will be on display. That is my affiliate link above, and I proudly receive a commission for each person who uses it.

You’ll receive not just the Summit workshops, but also the 2020 Share & Scale bundle, a vault of useful Teachable video tutorials, plus tools and services to grow an online business. I still refer to the bundle I got access to 4 years later.

My pre-recorded workshop drops on Day 1, Sept. 22, for all attendees. Here’s the rest of the schedule:

  • Sept. 22 (9AM to 4 PM EST): Coaching
  • Sept. 23 (9AM to 4 PM EST): Courses
  • Sept. 24 (9AM to 4 PM EST): Sales & Marketing

Over these three days we’ll cover:

  • Opening keynote with Lisa Nichols
  • How to create your first online course (or coaching service)
  • Live Q&A with Gary Vaynerchuk on social media promotion
  • Developing a visual brand and site that stands out and attracts your ideal customers
  • In-depth workshop on email marketing with Pat Flynn
  • How to accelerate your learning as a business owner with memory expert Jim Kwik
  • Generating new customers (in a genuine and authentic way)
  • Diversifying and scaling your offerings over time
  • How to manage your business finances as a creator with Anthony O’Neal
  • Simple strategies for recognizing and conquering the mental blocks many creators experience (e.g. self-doubt, fear, procrastination)
  • Closing keynote with Nicole Walters

To give you a sense of the scale of what’s happening, since 2015 more than 100,000 creators have sold over $500 million in courses and coaching on Teachable alone. But half of that—$250 million—was just in the last year.

If you’ve been waiting months or even years to jump into this space, now is the best possible time. We are in the midst of exponential growth as everyone is stuck at home and looking for ways to keep themselves entertained and educated.

I can’t recommend this event enough, and I’m really proud to finally be able to give back on the same platform that has given me so much.

See you at the Summit!


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