The PARA Method is a simple, intuitive system for organizing all information in your life so you can find them when you need them.
The first step to using PARA is to apply it to your notetaking app of choice. This is much easier when you see examples of how it’s done. 
So, we’ve curated useful YouTube videos that show PARA setups in the following apps:
  • Evernote
  • Apple Notes
  • Notion
  • Obsidian
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • WorkFlowy
  • Anytype

PARA in Evernote

This video is a complete introduction to the PARA Method. You can skip to the 4:46 minute mark to view a walkthrough of my personal PARA system in Evernote – the notetaking app I’ve used for years. 

PARA in Apple Notes

Here’s what PARA looks like in practice in Apple’s free, default notetaking app that’s available on all Apple devices.
You’ll see how I’ve organized Apple Notes according to Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives, and how I decide in which category a new note goes.

PARA in Notion

Notion expert Marie Poulin recorded a fantastic intro to the PARA Method and how she has applied it to her Notion workspace. In this video, Marie covers…

  • What is PARA
  • The challenges of the PARA structure when it comes to Notion
  • “Where does this piece of information go?” flowchart
  • A peek into her projects, areas (personal & work), resources, and archive

PARA in Obsidian

John Mavrick showcases how he built his Second Brain in Obsidian and adapted the PARA structure to fit in a flat-file system.

PARA in Microsoft OneNote

Andy Park walks you through how to set up PARA in Microsoft OneNote. In this video, he covers:
  • A high-level overview of what PARA is and its components
  • How to set up each of the PARA categories in OneNote for optimal organization
  • Customizing and color-coding your OneNote notebooks for easy navigation
  • Real-life examples to help you understand the benefits of this system
  • Tips and tricks to adapt PARA to your individual needs

PARA in WorkFlowy

Jiri Benedikt takes you on a tour of his PARA and Zettelkasten system in WorkFlowy. 

PARA in Anytype

The Anytype team shows you how to implement PARA step-by-step in a private, local-first workspace in Anytype. They also share a template that you can import into your own workspace in the video description. 

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