In this interview, I spoke with Brad Costanzo, the host of the Bacon-Wrapped Business podcast. 

This was a two-way interview. We spent the first 35 minutes talking about Building a Second Brain, the methodology I teach for personal knowledge management. I summarized some of the main ideas and shared some good ways of getting started with it.

In the second half of the interview, starting at minute 36, we turned the tables and I interviewed Brad on his experience buying and selling online courses. Brad has been on all sides of the acquisition process: creating his own course and selling it, acquiring a course from someone else, and in turn selling that course to someone else. We discuss:

  • How to buy and sell educational products
  • What makes an online education company valuable and sellable
  • Out-of-the-box ways to do creative deals and monetize your knowledge
Watch the interview below or visit the website for links to your favorite podcast player.

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