At the last Town Hall, our Head Coach Corey Padnos facilitated an online workshop on speed-reading, called Reading 2.0. Here’s the full 60-minute recording:

Part I was about SPEED. Corey led us through several exercises and drills designed to test and improve the speed of our reading, which you can watch short recaps of below.

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On May 11 from 9-11am Pacific, Corey will be hosting a Part II speed-reading workshop on CLARITY and COMPREHENSION. We will feature an improved assessment process to give you better feedback on whether the drills are working or not working. There will also be a bonus of four exercises you can do at your desk to unlock desk tension.

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Instructions: Try each drill for 5 seconds at a time to start. If that’s too easy, train for 10 seconds, then build up. Once you’re able to perform each drill in each position for 30 seconds, you’re ready for more advanced drills.

Exercise #1: Gaze Fixation:

Exercise #2: Smooth Pursuit:

Exercise #3: Saccadic Vision:

REMINDER: The recommended eye position is diagonal up, diagonal down, and each side of the eyes

Depth Instructions (TRY TRAINING BOTH):

  • Far Away: Hold your target in the six positions (about one arm’s length away)
  • Close up: Hold your target in the six positions

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