Listen to my recent interview on the Portfolio Career podcast, where we talk about my Full-Stack Freelancer Model and the emerging trend of people creating portfolios of multiple income streams, instead of a single monolithic job:

Here’s the episode from the podcast website:


This conversation is with Tiago Forte. Tiago is a thought leader and practitioner in this emerging portfolio career sector. His viral blog post titled “The Rise of The Full-Stack Freelancer” had a big impact on me and many others. He recommends everyone to package their key learnings into products and digital assets as much possible, especially when leaving a job. He believes his true and somewhat evergreen job is a life-long learner. And to do so, he creates products and services from what he has learned. We talk about him leaving San Francisco to primarily explore his productivity methods as a digital nomad and try something new. And his online course, Building A Second Brain, that he is turning into a book for people dramatically enhance a meta-skill, knowledge management. There is A LOT here to build and grow your Portfolio Career. Tune in and let’s have some fun!


Quotes -“I think most that is going to change in the future.. is that you won’t have to choose one thing. You will be able to have this entire portfolio that is mixing and matching, and balancing… very much like an investment portfolio -“I see myself as a learner…I learn for a living…. And the way I fund my learning is by packaging up what I have learned into products” -“You can handle anything as long as your mind is free and clear” -“The ability to make things will be fundamental to your identity, your reputation online, fundamental to entrepreneurship, to freelancing…” -“Think in terms of chunks” -“Every 6-18 months since then, I change what I am doing pretty dramatically”

Resources – –The Rise of the Full-Stack Freelancer blog post –Building A Second Brain –Tiago’s twitter @fortelabs


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