These are our 7 operating principles at Forte Labs.

#1 – We are in business to serve

We are in business to serve, and our financial success comes as a side effect of the positive impact we make on people’s lives. We overdeliver on our promises and respect the time and attention that our customers have entrusted us with.

#2 – Write things down

We know that human memory is fallible. Instead of trying to “keep that in mind,” we capture anything important in a trusted place that we know will be reviewed.

#3 – Our performance depends on systems

Our job isn’t just to do the work; it is to build, maintain, and improve systems that do the work. We build systems, procedures, templates, and checklists that document what we know and ensure it is executed reliably over time.

#4 – Everything is an iteration

Nothing is ever truly final, which means there’s no need to wait before starting on the path of improvement. We don’t want mistakes, but when one occurs, we see it as an opportunity for learning and growth.

#5 – Seek leverage

We seek every opportunity to increase our leverage, which improves our ability to produce greater results with less effort. Leverage allows us to make an impact far beyond our size.

#6 – Get feedback early and often

We draw on the intelligence and wisdom of our network whenever possible. We prefer to run small experiments that can be tested quickly, and then expand based on the results.

#7 – Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast

We don’t allow urgency to define our priorities. We move deliberately and take the time we need when doing our work. We are not fire fighters. We are fire prevention specialists. 

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