Guest Posts

Visualizing the Theory of Constraints with Mini Metro

By James Stuber @uberstuber Alex the Plant Manager has returned home from a hectic day at the factory. Hoping to unwind, he decides to try a new game. Alex has loved trains since childhood, so he is delighted when he discovers Mini Metro. The clean, minimalist game promises to be a nice reprieve from his…

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Reading 2.0, Part I

At the last Town Hall, our Head Coach Corey Padnos facilitated an online workshop on speed-reading, called Reading 2.0. Here’s the full 60-minute recording: Part I was about SPEED. Corey led us through several exercises and drills designed to test and improve the speed of our reading, which you can watch short recaps of below….

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Building a Second Brain in Emacs and Org-Mode

Note from Tiago: This is the first in a series of guest posts I hope to eventually publish, showing how knowledge management principles and techniques, from my course Building a Second Brain and elsewhere, can be implemented in a wide variety of software programs. Check out the Part 2 here. Getting Things Done (GTD) is…

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