Here’s how participants of Building a Second Brain, our online course on digital note-taking and personal knowledge management, described the course in one tweet (140 characters or less):

How to take digital notes, increase their value, store them for easy retrieval, and use them for projects and/or to create new connections.

— Greg Scholes

BASB is about making and using notes effectively in your work and life. It enhances your edge and intellectual capital.

— Mikael Suomela

Learning a simple and enjoyable process of specific actions you take to transform information overload into useful creative output.

— Moritz Bierling

An approach to PKM & GTD that integrates ideas from complexity, Zen, and lean to build a modern and useful system for shipping creative work.

— Joseph Kelly

Organizing information inputs (digital or otherwise) to make it available to efficiently support creative work.

— Drew Levy

Freeing the mind to focus on knowledge capture & management rather than task management by building a reliable habit structure.

— Dawn Williams

Collecting all relevant knowledge that I come across in a simple system that allows me quick and easy access.

— Jimmy Conway

Taking charge of your knowledge base so you can leverage it more efficiently.

— David Lukas

How to effectively apply note taking and content summarization strategies for increased productivity and workflow.

— Paul Solt

How to use Evernote to more effectively create value from information and your ideas

— Matthew Hamilton

Nominally, a system of writing & storing discoverable notes. Really though, it’s about re-imagining your relationship to your knowledge work.

— Rick Chafe

Creating a personal system to systematically create, obtain, organize, condense, and retrieve notes for recombination of ideas and concepts.

— Sang Hyo Lee

How can everyday mundane actions, structures and stances be molded into a personal emerging reflection and knowledge system?

— Jan-Philipp Hopf

How to turn notes from a pile of stuff into a living, improving knowledge & creativity source.

— Brandon Hudgeons

Getting the past, present, and future under control using brain-enhancing strategies and tools.

— Steve Parker

Drawing in data, remixing that data within and without into rich connections. Shaping that data as powerful perspectives to output.

— Damon Cook

BASB presents new ways of thinking about capturing flows of information and converting them into valuable knowledge.

— Evan Deaubl

Create a personal knowledge management system to Capture/Store, Organize and Retrieve ideas for creative insight/breakthroughs .

— Leonard (Lennie) Davis

To have strategies in dealing with the flow of information and resurfacing old information for new projects.

— Alexandre Jesus


A life reset on thinking. It’s a how-to on creating a personal, digital library and extracting meaning into physical packets of information.

— Ben Hazlerig

Notes — distillation, recall, organization, intersection.

— Richard Miller

Develop a system to manage all your information inputs and turn it into your best creative output.

— Jean-Francois Couture

Learning the ability to leverage digital note taking to create more value, creativity, and perspectives.

— Gjermund Bjaanes

Setting up a management process for your personal knowledge so that it is capture-able, retrievable and valuable both now and in the future.

— Gabe Bassin

Using digital tools and a well-designed workflow you create a 2nd brain to off-load organization, creative thinking, & idea generation.

— Wess Daniels

Managing reference material for actionability and for generating new ideas.

— Thomas McMurphy

BASB de-bottlenecks your main constraint, your brain, creating insights that help you chart your course in a complex world.

— Andreas Marinopoulos

It’s about a systematic approach to gather, store, process and prepare any information in a way to use it in future as fast as possible.

— Pavel Bubentsov

Constructing a PKM system to maximize focus on meaningful and purpose-driven work leading to a greater output of tangible projects.

— Jeffrey Golde

The course is about taking our stored knowledge and placing it into a dynamic system where it can be drawn up for use in new projects.

— Douglas Crane

BASB helps you exploit information collection so it’s the most useful for you at the right time.

— Angel Gonzalez

BASB provides a strategy for personal knowledge management that is robust, adaptable, and essential to thrive in a world of info overload.

— Graham Hawkes

A bootcamp for organising your projects, offloading them from your brain and 10xing the productivity using technology.

— Santhosh Guru

This course teaches you to retain, organize, synthesize, and remix the best of your knowledge.

— David Perell

How to systematically create connections where you never thought they would be.

— Kris Vockler

How to reframe your self-concept using reflection through digital notes to improve effectiveness of work and satisfaction from doing it.

— Joshua Daniel

For me it’s about organizing my thoughts in a systematic way that makes recall and re-assembly of those thoughts into ideas much easier.

— Michael Dorsey

Creativity on Demand.

— Mohammed Ali Vakil

Leveraging technology to increase organization & effectiveness and reduce cognitive burden by offloading tasks to your PKM system.

— Alex Hardy

I think this course is about realising the true potential of an individual for learning, thinking, and producing.

— Yasir Khan

Tweetably? BASB is about enabling creativity through the use of tools both intellectual and technological.

— Peter Shirley

Gaining greater clarity through notes.

— Zachary Sexton

Use notes to reflect yourself: see where you want to focus, what the steps are, how you’re progressing & draw new perspectives in the process.

— Callum Flack

Taking notes, organizing your notes, sharing them so that they become something bigger.

— Michael Fogleman

Combining theory and practice for PKM; putting your best ideas to work.

— Shruthi Jayaram

Building a Second Brain is about learning specific mindsets and techniques as it pertains to personal knowledge management.

— Corey Clippinger

Creating an actionable knowledge database.

— Thomas De Moor

A course that helps you manage your personal knowledge so you can become increasingly more productive over time.

— Yunzhe Zhou

Set up your reference information by capturing and organizing information in a way to enhance retrieval and leverage that info for new work.

— Michele Wiedemer

How to increase your creative output through better managing your ingestion & mobilization of knowledge.

— Nat Eliason

It’s about building a personal system for capturing, organizing and retrieving knowledge and about workflow to maintain it.

— Mikhail Miller

Having a structured approach for knowledge work that doesn’t rely on long stretches of uninterrupted time.

— Ellen König

How to take snapshots of the mind for future use.

— Chris Clark

Trusting in a system to take EVERYTHING on my mind and find a home for it — but teaching me how to get it back out again too…

— Rob Wilson

The course is about three basic elements of efficient knowledge management: how to consume it, organize it and then use it.

— Alex Sedgwick

BASB provides a roadmap and the necessary tools to challenge your previous methods of thinking and creates a format that enhances who you are.

— Chris Mazder

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