The following is a collection of customer reviews, interviews, online articles, case studies, and other third-party sources related to my online course on Personal Knowledge Management, Building a Second Brain. For customer testimonials, click here.

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Interview with Austin Brawner and Andrew Foxwell on The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Why You Should Stop Organizing And Build A Second Brain

Interview with David Nebinski on the Portfolio Career Podcast

Interview in Portuguese with Max Peters: Os 5 Passos Para se Tornar uma Máquina de Produtividade

Interview with Khe Hy on Rad Awakenings: The Privilege of Sharing Knowledge

Interview with Lisa Betts-Lacroix on the Super Power U podcast

Interview on the This Is Product Management podcast

Interview with Nasos Papadopoulos on the Metalearn podcast.

Interview with Lisa Betts-Lacroix on the Super Power U podcast (38m)

Tiago Forte on Building a Second Brain, with Srini Rao on The Unmistakable Creative podcast

Want to Shed a Bad Habit? Know Yourself Better (interview with Tiago Forte on Evernote Live)

Rewriting the Rules of Productivity and Knowledge Management in a World of Abundant Information, with Khe Hy on the Radreads podcast

Resource and Knowledge Management with Tiago Forte, with Zachary Sexton on Able Business Radio

Tiago Forte: Designing a Better Life, with David Perell on the North Star podcast


Articles, blog posts, and reviews

The Case for Digital Notes by Tiago Forte on the Evernote blog

How to Organize Inside Evernote: A Practical Guide to Evernote Productivity by Francesco D’Alessio

PARA for Teams by Nat Elisason

An Introduction of Tiago Forte, His Ideas, and Some Comments on Their Relations to Zettelkasten, post on the Zettelkasten forum

Turn Your Notes App Into a Personal Knowledge Base, by Doug Toft

Rethinking Productivity: Five Big Ideas From Tiago Forte, by Doug Toft

A Don’t-Miss Boot Camp for Savvy Executives & Knowledge Workers, by Chuck Frey of the Mind Mapping Software Blog

A Mental Model to Leverage Information Overload as Creative Fuel for Problem Solving, by Mohammed Ali Vakil

Review of Building a Second Brain v2 by KimSia Sim

Building a Second Brain in Emacs and Org-Mode by Michael Fogleman

Case studies

Progressive Summarization as Religious Experience

PARA and Habit Formation in Argentina (Interview in Spanish)

Progressive Summarization in the Intelligence Community with Andrew Gorham

Riding the Writing Wave: How to Improve Your Writing, Get Rid of Writer’s Block, and Accelerate Your Output by David Perell

Researching and writing a 10,000-word academic article by CW Daniels

A $2000 PKM Victory — The Everyday, Practical Utility of Personal Knowledge Management by Ben Mosior

Teaching Progressive Summarization in an Undergraduate Classroom by CW Daniels

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