After years of being a guest on other people’s podcasts, I finally pulled the trigger and made one of my own. Introducing the brand new Building a Second Brain Podcast, where I’ll talk about the main ideas from my course of the same name. 

I think people have enough long-form interviews, so I’m making my episodes short (under 10 minutes) and it’s just me talking! I’ve released season 1 all at once, with each episode covering one of the Top 10 Takeaways from my Second Brain methodology.

You can listen to the first episode below, or on OvercastSpotify, or Apple Podcasts. I’d really appreciate it if you gave me a review and shared it with anyone you think would like it! 

Here’s the official description:

Overwhelmed by consumption? The Building a Second Brain Podcast gives you the tools to thrive in the Information Age. Tiago Forte teaches you how to turn your notes, bookmarks and unread articles into completed creative works. Learn how to build your own “Second Brain” – a trusted place outside your head where you can collect your most important ideas and insights, and use them to do your best work. You’ll discover why many myths about the creative process hold us back, and how replacing them with a modern approach can unlock our true creative potential. You’ll be amazed at what you can create with the right frame of mind.

Tiago draws on years of experience teaching, speaking, and writing about productivity, learning, organizing and note-taking for our modern, connected era. His experience is supplemented with his research into the game-changing techniques and habits of the world’s top creative performers

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