We recently crossed the astounding milestone of 100,000 copies sold of my book Building a Second Brain!

That’s just in the US and UK, and over the next few months, it will go on sale in 20+ other countries and languages around the world.

I have to be honest: every goal that I ever imagined for this book has been fulfilled. I feel a little dumbfounded and very much in awe that we’ve reached the limits of my imagination just 10 months after its release. 

I sat down recently to brainstorm a list of 20 “ridiculous” new goals for the next chapter of the book’s life. I have no idea how many of these might come to pass, and many of them are honestly purely vanity goals, but they are meaningful to me nonetheless.

  1. Hosting a 1,000-attendee conference in LA or Long Beach
  2. Having a scientific paper published on my work in a major academic journal
  3. Receiving an invitation to guest lecture at Harvard, Stanford, or another Ivy League university
  4. Running pilots to teach BASB in 100 K-12 schools
  5. Reaching 1 million copies sold within 5 years
  6. Appearing on the New York Times bestseller list
  7. Seeing a Times Square billboard advertising the book
  8. Having a feature-length film made on BASB with a wide theatrical release
  9. Being name-dropped in a chart-topping rap or pop song
  10. Appearing on an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast
  11. Collaborating on an exhibition at a major museum on the “history of thinking tools”
  12. Creating a board game for children to learn the principles behind BASB
  13. Landing a Tim Ferriss podcast interview
  14. Being thanked onstage at a music or film award ceremony
  15. Landing an Oprah interview
  16. Speaking in front of a stadium or arena-sized audience
  17. Running a Super Bowl ad
  18. Doing a Mr. Beast collab on YouTube
  19. Signing a Netflix production deal to produce a BASB documentary, movie, or limited series
  20. Photo of the book being read in space or on Mars by astronauts

If you know of any way to make any of these happen, please let me know!

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