These are my Top 10 all-time most popular articles based on number of unique visitors:

1. One-Touch to Inbox Zero
A step-by-step guide to streamlining your email workflow, which will save you hours every week and consistently take you to “inbox zero.”

2. The Rise of the Full-Stack Freelancer
My prediction for the future of jobs, including a “portfolio approach” of multiple income streams instead of one paycheck.

3. The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps
My best advice for how to use “Read Later” apps like Pocket and Instapaper as critical tools in your reading and learning.

4. How to Use Evernote for Your Creative Workflow
An essay on the power of digital note-taking for productivity, learning, and effectiveness, including practical techniques for how to effectively organize and use your notes.

5. Building a Second Brain: An Overview
A summary and overview of my online course Building a Second Brain, in which I teach people how to use digital notes as a “second brain” that remembers everything.


6. The Throughput of Learning
A metaphysical journey through the mysteries of flow, and how it ties together old-school manufacturing and modern knowledge work.

7. Progressive Summarization: A Practical Technique for Designing Discoverable Notes
A guide to Progressive Summarization, a method I’ve developed for systematically distilling the things you read into nuggets of actionable wisdom.

8. The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information
A guide to the PARA Method, a method for organizing your digital life across all the platforms you use, and using your files to consistently reach your goals.

9. Theory of Constraints 101: Applying the Principles of Flow to Knowledge Work
My 11-part guide to the Theory of Constraints, a powerful framework for understanding and improving any kind of system (from your to do list all the way to large companies)

10. The Digital Productivity Pyramid
The model I’ve developed for professional development for the modern knowledge worker, each skill and tool building on the one before.

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