We believe that ideas represent one of the most powerful forces in the world today

Ideas are not mere playthings. They are the building blocks of the modern world. Ideas inform our thinking and behavior every day. We depend on new ideas to improve our health, productivity, and relationships. To understand culture, politics, science, and history. New ideas breathe fresh life into how we view the world.

We believe that leveraging the power of ideas requires shifting our mindset from scarcity to abundance

Our society is desperately in need of a new paradigm in our relationship to information. The lens of scarcity, control, and pure consumption is no longer serving us. If we’re going to thrive in this new era, we need to transform information from a source of stress and uncertainty into a source of creativity and abundance. We need to learn how to surf the information wave instead of being drowned by it.

We believe that human progress depends on putting our ideas into action

The most important factor in our effectiveness, in our impact, and in our future is putting new ideas into practice. But despite all the knowledge we now have access to, it remains as difficult as ever to put it into action – to learn, to innovate, and to develop new ways of thinking and working. Our progress as individuals and as a species depends on our ability to turn our knowledge into concrete results in the real world.

We believe that power comes from sharing ideas, instead of hoarding them

The scarcity mindset of the past led us to hide and protect our ideas. But today, power and influence come from sharing our ideas, not from keeping them secret. Creativity is no longer limited to a select few, but is open to anyone with the courage and dedication to share their work with the world. We can all become creators of the ideas we most want to see manifested in the world.

We believe that everyone has the opportunity to improve their thinking using technology

We all feel this pressure to constantly be learning and improving ourselves, but so much of what we consume doesn’t get preserved in any form. With the rise of modern technology, we all now have the opportunity to outsource the job of “remembering” to computers and even use them to enhance and amplify our thinking. Now that we have “tools for thought,” we are free to dedicate our minds to the creativity that only we are capable of.

We believe that building a Second Brain enables us to develop our First Brain

Far from making humans obsolete, better tools for thinking will free us to invest in ourselves. A Second Brain takes over the burden of remembering facts and details, so we are free to imagine, to create, and to enjoy our lives. The ultimate purpose of a Second Brain is to put our ideas to work for us, so we are free to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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