I’m very proud to announce the 2019 Summer of Learning, an integrated curriculum of two courses focused on modern writing. For the first time ever, we’re combining back-to-back live cohorts of Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage into an immersive program co-taught by Tiago Forte and David Perell.

In Building a Second Brain, we will teach you how to create a system for collecting and organizing your best ideas, insights, and research using a digital note-taking program. From July 3rd to 24th, the two of us will walk you through each step of setting up a digital note-taking program, creating notes to save interesting ideas, organizing them into actionable folders, and distilling them into easily retrievable knowledge assets.

The newly released version 8.0 of the course includes simplified setup guides, a new library of quick tutorials on how to capture any kind of information, new case studies, and official support for Microsoft OneNote along with Evernote. And for the first time, this cohort will focus specifically on writing, with new examples and exercises designed specifically for writers.

In Write of Passage, we will build on that system with a 7-part pathway to consistently publishing world-class writing. We will teach you how to set up a blog and email list, combine your notes into insightful thought pieces, and use them to build your reputation and connect with the people that matter most to your career. Live sessions will be held from Aug. 14 to Sept. 18.

We recently finished the first live cohort of 153 students for Write of Passage, with fantastic results. We’ve made a round of major improvements to both these courses, and now we’re ready to deliver the best curriculum on the planet on how to turn your ideas into impact.

Here is the schedule for the two-part curriculum:

  • Building a Second Brain: Live sessions every Wednesday, 10-11:30am PT; office hours via Slack every Friday, 9–10am PT)
  • Write of Passage: Live sessions every Wednesday and Monday, in the evenings ET

This offer is only available until July 2 at 11:59pm PT. Click below for more information and to enroll:

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