I’m very excited and proud to announce that I’ll be co-organizing a series of free meetups in cooperation with Notion, the up-and-coming productivity and knowledge management software.

We’ll be hosting events in the following 6 cities to start, with possibly more to come later next year (click each link to register):

Check out this 2-minute highlight reel with our favorite moments from a recent one in Los Angeles:

Here’s the full details:

Notion and productivity leader Tiago Forte are teaming up for a world tour, bringing together our communities around “Building a Second Brain.” Join us and fellow productivity enthusiasts in your city to learn new skills and strategies for everything from learning faster to forming better habits!

About the tour

Notion is taking the productivity world by storm with its promise of a powerful, easy-to-use knowledge base for all. At these events, Tiago Forte will explain how to use Notion to build a “Second Brain” – a trusted, digital archive of your most valuable knowledge and expertise.

Drawing on his extensive blogging and online course, Building a Second Brain, Tiago will demonstrate how to apply timeless principles of knowledge management to the Notion software. You’ll come away with a reliable pathway for outsourcing your memory, expanding your creativity, and managing your life using technology.

The “Building a Second Brain” methodology starts with a simple idea: you can outsource your memory to computers, leaving your mind free to imagine and create new things. Once you have your most valuable knowledge saved in a trusted place, you’re free to cultivate and grow it. The methodology demonstrates how to cultivate one’s knowledge step by step following the four steps of CODE – Capturing, Organizing, Distilling, and Expressing your ideas so that they grow in value over time. For more information, visit Tiago’s website or watch Notion Office Hours: Building a Second Brain.

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