I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Stephan Spencer, a well-known marketing and productivity expert, on his podcast Get Yourself Optimized.

You can find a short description of our discussion below, or visit the podcast webpage for a full transcript:

Our brains can hold only so much information. If you’re an ambitious person like me, you probably have many projects and ideas on the go that some things get forgotten. It’s almost like you need a second brain to keep track of everything. You might be surprised to know that you can build a second brain. I’m not talking about some AI Robot. I’m talking about an innovative system that acts an extension of your mind. Tiago Forte is the Founder of Forte Labs and a writer, speaker and teacher who is obsessed with the future of work. He’s used his background in design and technology to create a system for entrepreneurs and creatives to keep track of their ideas using Evernote. It’s so effective. He’s dubbed it the second brain. If you ever wished you could learn faster, work quicker or better manage all your ideas and projects, then you’ll definitely want to build a second brain. On this episode, Tiago and I will be discussing everything from productivity apps to note-taking skills and how you can leverage them to be far more productive than you are.

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