Inner Limits: Why You’re Not Getting More Out of Journaling

By Praxis Fellow FRANK ANAYA Every day you journal, you’re bringing fresh soil into your idea garden. But if you never look back at what you wrote, you’re losing the opportunity to till that soil, to work it and see what grows. Experts like Tim Ferriss and Julia Cameron say that the process of journaling is…

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Announcing the Praxis Fellowship

It is my pleasure to announce the new Praxis Fellowship, a writing residency for emerging thought leaders at the frontier of modern productivity, creativity, and knowledge management. In December of 2015 I was invited to become a Writer-in-Residence for Ribbonfarm, a niche but influential blog that had made a big impact on my own intellectual journey….

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Launching Your Book

Everything you’ve done up to this point has been preparation for this singular moment: the launch of your book.

An incredible amount of time, energy, money, and attention has been invested by many different people. The foundation has been laid for sales of your book to reach thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of copies.

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Writing the Book

After all this work and finally signing a deal…it’s time to do the thing you’ve been asking for, and write the book.

Leave plenty of time to do this — more than you think you need. And then, add additional time for unexpected rewrites, reviewer feedback, finding photos and illustrations, securing permissions, doing followup research, and interviewing people.

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Negotiating Your Contract

Once you’ve accepted an offer for the publishing rights to your book, it’s time to draw up and sign a binding contract.

Many of these contract details have standard provisions, but you can always ask about and negotiate for them. The more you understand about the implications and subtleties of these clauses, the more empowered you’ll be in your negotiations.

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The Ins and Outs of Offers

After you’ve written your proposal and sent it to publishers, the future of your book is in their hands.

If you’ve done your job effectively, you will receive an offer (or hopefully, offers) to purchase the rights to your book.

Almost all offers come in one of three ways:

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Finding an Agent and Publisher

You should think of the people you’re working with at each stage of the publishing process as your publishing team.

Each one contributes something different and has different interests, but what you all have in common is the desire to see your book through to publication and on to the greatest possible success.

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Video Series: Tiago Learns Roam

In this new video series, I walk you through my own learning process as I get to know Roam Research, the “note-taking tool for networked thought.” From creating my Roam account and opening the program for the first time, I’ll ask the stupid questions so you don’t have to, experiment with every feature through trial and…

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Interview with Kent Sisco of Speare

I recently interviewed Kent Sisco, the creator of a knowledge management app called Speare. It provides a flexible interface for capturing thoughts and ideas as building blocks that you can organize into a “visual thought library.” Here are some of the features we demonstrated and discussed: Find & Replace – Locate words and phrases and replace…

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Crafting a Book Proposal

Your proposal is like a business plan for your book. It needs to justify why your book is worth not just years of your time and effort, but the time and effort of dozens of professionals around the country (and maybe even around the world) who will be needed to get your book on shelves….

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Own Your Writing Platform

Publishing a book is like running for political office.

There are a lot of people out there who you want to take a certain action, at a certain time and place in the future. With political campaigning, that action is to vote. With book campaigning, it is to buy your book.

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