We’re looking for organizations that want to teach their people how to build their own “Second Brain” – a system of knowledge management that empowers them to capitalize on the value of what they know and use it to advance their organization’s goals.

We now offer a complete portfolio of products and services on this theme, including a bestselling book available in multiple languages and formats and our new self-paced course BASB Foundation. Together they provide learners with an accessible, flexible, and impactful training experience at their own pace and on any device.

Over the years we’ve heard countless times from people within companies and organizations who desperately need a Second Brain for the work they do. We’ve heard the stories of rampant Information Overwhelm, crushing volumes of email and other communication, not to mention the constant need to innovate and solve complex new problems in an uncertain economy.

After a decade of working with individuals to develop the BASB methodology, and testing it with a small group of influential organizations (like Toyota, the World Bank, and Genentech), we are opening the doors for the first time to new organizations who want to partner with us.

We are seeking deployments of at least 100 employees to receive BASB training. You will work closely with our expert team to assess your organization’s training needs, set learning goals for participants, and track the impact of this educational experience on your organization.

Here are some of the top benefits we’ve found professionals receive from this kind of training:

1. Enhanced Productivity & Job Satisfaction

  • Rapid improvements in productivity and effectiveness due to an enhanced ability to move initiatives forward on multiple fronts simultaneously
  • Relief from Information Overload and the burden of high volumes of incoming information through the use of digital organization methods
  • Major reductions in stress levels, overwhelm, and burnout as people organize their digital environment to promote clarity and peace of mind

2. Improved Communication & Collaboration

  • Improvement in people’s ability to handle communication across multiple channels, and respond effectively in a timely way
  • Better participation in meetings due to a reliable method for taking notes on and following through on action items
  • Surfacing tacit knowledge hidden within the organization, allowing people to learn from each other and double down on what’s working

3. Advanced Learning & Skill Development

  • Enhanced learning and development abilities due to better notetaking and retrieval skills
  • Higher fluency with the latest digital platforms, including learning how to rely on external tools to manage and push forward their responsibilities
  • Rapid skill acquisition from being able to independently pursue and complete skills-focused training

4. Streamlined Project Management & Decision Making

  • More effective project management, especially in projects that require tracking large volumes of information
  • Greater capacity to document, reference, and resurface organizational knowledge to improve products, services, and internal processes
  • Enhanced decision-making as past insights and lessons can be easily revisited via digital notes

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