Here is some of the latest research on the effectiveness of training and coaching for improving performance at work.

Design matters
"Design-driven companies outperformed their conventional counterparts on the S&P500 by 228%"

Training matters

"Training & Development is the work benefit most valued by Millennials"
Information overload is one of the biggest challenges to employee performance and morale

“…a majority of workers in every market (62%, on average) admit that the quality of their work suffers at times because they can’t sort through the information they need fast enough.”

52% of professionals surveyed report feeling demoralized when they can’t manage all the information that comes their way at work.”

“According to survey respondents, between one third and one half of all the information that professionals receive at work each day is not important to them getting their job done.”

“An average of half (51%) of all those surveyed in each country say that if the amount of information they receive continues to increase, they will soon reach a breaking point at which they will be unable to handle any more.”

2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey, commissioned by LexisNexis

Challenges with organizing information are wasting employees’ time

“26% of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across a variety of systems. These workers can find the information required to do their jobs only 56% of the time.”

“A typical knowledge organization employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes over $5.7 million annually searching for but not finding information.”

– The Knowledge Quotient, white paper by IDC

Employees want information management training

“The most popular solutions requested by white collar workers surveyed include: investments in faster computers and more up-to-date technology, information management tools that work together, technology designed specifically for professionals in their industry, and training in information management.”

“Overall, almost nine in ten U.S. professionals and more than 94% of workers in the other four markets say their companies could do more to help them better handle information in their job.”

2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey, commissioned by LexisNexis
Training improves productivity
"On average, a 10 percent increase in workforce education led to an 8.6 percent gain in total productivity, versus a gain of just 3.4 percent after an equivalent increase in the value of equipment"

Coaching improves productivity even more

" by itself increased productivity by 22.4%; while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%."
Training unlocks the power of technology

“…for technology to make a difference,…for every dollar of investment in computer hardware, companies need to invest up to 9 dollars in software, training, and business process redesign.”

The Second Machine Age, New York Times Bestseller
Training improves business performance
"An increase of $680 in a company's training expenditures per employee generates, on average, a 6 percent improvement in total shareholder return."
– American Society for Training and Development
"...firms investing the most in training and development yielded... a return 45 percent higher than the market average, [as well as] higher profit margins, higher income per employee, and higher price-to-book ratios."
– Singapore Management Review