Experimental Habit Formation

A new framework for continuous learning One of the key challenges of living and working in the future will be continuous learning and experimentation. I’d like to propose a framework for this type of learning that is both feasible and focused on the individual: experimental habit formation. I believe it can help resolve one of…

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What I Learned in 7 Years of Tracking Gratitude

By Tiago Forte of Forte Labs For the past 7 years, I’ve kept a list of everything I’m thankful for. I started the list in 2008, on New Year’s Eve, on a beach in Brazil. Thinking back over a year of studying abroad, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the experiences it brought me, I just…

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The Habit Graph

Mapping my habits using network theory By Tiago Forte of Forte Labs The modern science of network theory can be traced directly back to Königsberg, the prosperous 16th century capital of the Duchy of Prussia. Specifically, it can be traced to its seven bridges, which connected two islands in the river Pregel to each other and…

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