The Keystone Accelerator is back!

Two years ago, I partnered with my top marketing advisor, Billy Broas. I said to Billy:

The marketing side of my business has been so important and so filled with powerful lessons. I want to teach online marketing to my readers, but I’ve got to stay focused on Building a Second Brain. If you create the marketing program, I’ll support you.

With that, our marketing accelerator for online educators was born.

What a ride it’s been, too.

You see, in that first Keystone cohort, Billy unveiled the latest iteration of a marketing framework he’d been using for years. It was a direct descendant of the framework I learned when I first got Billy’s help.

This latest version Billy calls “The Five Lightbulbs.” 

This new framework was the result of years of Billy’s work with top educators, and it immediately struck a chord. People loved it.

We surveyed the participants at the end of that first cohort, and despite The Five Ligthtbulbs being just one of eight original modules, every participant (except one) voted The Five Lightbulbs as their favorite part.

The wins and breakthroughs people were getting from The Five Lightbulbs – in such a short period of time – surpassed that of all the other material.

There’s something about this approach to marketing educational products and programs that “turns on the light” for people and gives them clarity when it comes to boldly promoting their offerings.

Billy knew what to do.

You see, he is an avid Second Brainer and knows the power of distillation. He looked at everything he could teach (which is a ton – he’s like a walking encyclopedia) and applied distillation to it.

He asked himself, “The Five Lightbulbs is THE thing that works best –what if I focused completely on that?”

So he stripped away everything else from Keystone and decided to go deep on The Five Lightbulbs.

Since that first cohort, Billy has been sharing his new framework with the outside world. The response has been phenomenal.

Ryan Deiss, the CEO of and one of the world’s top marketing experts, hired Billy as a consultant. Together, they applied The Five Lightbulbs to Ryan’s organization, using it to get their team aligned on messaging and to craft new marketing campaigns.

One of the world’s top copywriting trainers, David Garfinkel, called Billy’s framework “A brilliant construct.” 

More than one experienced marketer has said, “The Five Lightbulbs is going to revolutionize marketing.

Soon, you’ll hear from Keystone members using the framework to grow their businesses.

(By the way, you can learn the Five Lightbulbs here in 10 minutes. It’s extremely intuitive)

Learn the framework, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Five Lightbulbs is like an iceberg – most of it lies beneath the surface.

Here at Forte Labs, we’re now using The Five Lightbulbs in all our marketing efforts. My Director of Marketing, Julia Saxena, was trained by Billy. When she sits down to create marketing content for us, she follows this approach.

Today, I’m excited to announce the third cohort of our Keystone program, and you’ll get the chance to put The Five Lightbulbs to work in your business.

If you’ve been looking for a fresh marketing approach, Keystone delivers it.


So, who is Keystone for?

Here’s the quick way to know: If you’re creating content online for your business, Keystone can help.

If you’re creating sales pages, emails, blog posts, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos – in the hope of growing your business – Keystone can help.

If you:

  • Are completely overwhelmed by marketing
  • Feel icky or inauthentic when you sit down to create marketing content
  • Are too in the weeds with your topic
  • Have no idea how to take someone from being a stranger to a customer

If any of these are true, Keystone can help.

What began as a mission to help cohort-based-course creators has blossomed into something greater. Our graduates include consultants, coaches, copywriters, course creators, service providers, and thought leaders seeking to impact people’s lives through digital platforms.

Do you know what we’ve noticed? 

The Keystone participants are not only using the process they learned to sell their online courses. They are using it to strengthen their entire business.

Glen Lubbert, one of our top BASB mentors, emerged from Keystone with a brand new way to package and present his expertise. He now uses his new messaging in public talks and all his products.

Other participants have repositioned their products based on what emerged inside Keystone. One consultant, Jordan, tripled his prices mid-program and immediately closed three deals.

How? He got clear on his prospect, his message, and how to best convey the value he delivers.

You see, Keystone can make your business more resilient. It doesn’t matter the product you sell – the format of your product can and will change over time.

At Forte Labs, we’ve gone from a 5-week program down to a 3-week program. We’ve gone from one-off cohorts to an annual membership. We now have a physical book, evergreen courses, corporate consulting, and now, a thriving YouTube channel.

How do we align our products around a common message?

How do we make sure we are advancing our audience towards becoming paid customers?

How do we get our products and marketing channels to complement and compound on each other? Rather than just pile more work onto our plate?

The answer: These products and platforms branch out from a central marketing message.

That message is shaped by our Five Lightbulbs. Literally, we have a “messaging map” in our company with our Five Lightbulbs fully fleshed out. We continually update and refer to it.

(You’ll create your own messaging map inside Keystone.)

Now, you know I don’t recommend just anybody. I only recommend the people I’ve personally worked with and can vouch for.

On the writing side, I’m a vocal supporter of David Perell and his Write of Passage course. On the personal development side, I recommend Joe Hudson and his Art of Accomplishment program. 

Well, on the marketing side, I give my full support to Billy Broas. And in an industry filled with fake gurus, hucksters, and slime – it’s a relief to find someone respectable.

After all, marketing is the thing that makes your business possible. Without marketing, you don’t get customers or clients. If that happens, nobody gets to benefit from what you know – and that’s just a shame.

Yes, you know your topic well. You’ve studied, trained, and worked in your field. 

But when was the last time you invested in your marketing education? Have you fed your brain with enough marketing knowledge to keep pace with your topic knowledge?

If you’re like I was, you’re nutrient-deficient on the marketing side.

No, you don’t need to become a marketing expert. You don’t need to learn everything. You only need to learn what matters most. Later, you can delegate and oversee, like I currently do with Julia and her team.

But my marketing education is the best investment I’ve made.

Keystone will give you one of your best returns on investment. It will strip away the B.S. and set your attention on the big needle movers. When you gain this new, clearer vision, everything about marketing your business becomes easier.

Billy’s teachings can help you, and I now invite you to keep reading and learn more about our marketing approach. The next step is to join our interest list.

Starting Monday, September 26th, you’ll start receiving an email series. That series will elaborate on the topics introduced in this email. I’ll share more about what I’ve learned about marketing over the past ten years, growing my company from a solo career to a profitable business employing 22 people with thousands of customers across the world.

Then, you’ll have an invitation to join the upcoming Keystone cohort. It’s four weeks long, running from October 24th through November 17th. Mark your calendars now.

Thanks, and talk soon.


P.S. Please, if you don’t get marketing help from us, get it from somewhere. Don’t be “above” investing in your marketing education. Again, it’s been the best investment I’ve made.


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