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Why I Organize Areas in PARA with a Taxonomy of Functional Areas

Note from Tiago: Timothy Kenny is the author of “Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs,” and is a top productivity instructor on Udemy with more than 87 productivity courses, 110,000+ students, and 5,000+ reviews. Watch our recent interview for a closer look at how our productivity systems can work together. By Timothy Kenny A student of mine recently enrolled in…

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Wayne Lacson Forte: On My Way To Me [Documentary Film]

I am unbelievably excited to share with you my first ever documentary film! For more than a year, I’ve been working on a documentary short about my dad, Wayne Forte. He is a lifelong painter who has been one of the main influences on my ideas about productivity, creativity, and using art for personal growth. It…

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Crafting a Book Proposal

Your proposal is like a business plan for your book. It needs to justify why your book is worth not just years of your time and effort, but the time and effort of dozens of professionals around the country (and maybe even around the world) who will be needed to get your book on shelves….

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Own Your Writing Platform

Publishing a book is like running for political office.

There are a lot of people out there who you want to take a certain action, at a certain time and place in the future. With political campaigning, that action is to vote. With book campaigning, it is to buy your book.

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The Complete Guide to Landing a Book Deal

I recently signed a six-figure book deal with Simon & Schuster for my book Building a Second Brain.

As a first-time author, and in the midst of the greatest economic crisis in a generation, this is a spectacular outcome. It took a year of hard work, a team of editors and advisors, and countless proposal drafts and revisions, along with a heavy dose of luck.

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How To Work Effectively With A Personal Assistant, with Tim Francis

It is NOT easy OR cheap to “hire a VA.” But if done right, it is profoundly transformational not just for your daily workload but for your quality of life. I recently hosted a comprehensive, two-hour online workshop with the founder of Great Assistant, Tim Francis. Tim’s company is a three-part hydra: one part recruiting service, one part…

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Progressive Summarization with PDFs 

By Marie-Pier Corbeil, Vice President and Lead Designer at RVE (Recharge Véhicule Électrique), working on solutions for EV charger installation in multi-unit residential buildings   To use progressive summarization with PDFs, here’s what I do: 1. I highlight and comment passages in PDF Expert (which is my layer 1):   2. I export my highlights…

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Online Workshop: How to Take a Digital Note, with Tiago Forte

Watch the full recording of the online workshop How To Take A Digital Note, by personal productivity and digital note-taking expert Tiago Forte. In this workshop I share the best practices I’ve discovered for using digital notes to save your ideas, organize your learning, and share your best work with the world, including what to save, how to…

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How to Prepare for the Coronavirus in Six Steps

Step 1: Know the Basics Who is most susceptible: the elderly and people with preexisting conditions (mortality rate for those under 40 is only 0.2% while it is 8% for those 70-79) How it spreads: by aerosolized droplets (e.g. the droplets you release when you cough or sneeze. These droplets can travel over 6 feet…

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